Royal Berkshire 3rd Apr ’22

New recruits dominated round twenty of the club championship series at the Royal Berkshire Fishery, taking three of the top four places in this quite difficult match. To be fair, although it was tough for some, I felt the venue held up reasonably well considering the severe overnight frost and the fact it had also had a big match on it on the previous day.

Alistair Christie scored his second win of the series with an excellent 37lbs taken on the method feeder fished tight to the island. Alistair’s catch consisted of F1’s and one carp of 7-3-0 which also won the specimen, so a nice double whammy for him. Clive Bunday also fished the method feeder to the island to catch a very respectable 27-10-0 and take the runner up spot, and third place went to Mike Smith, who has now surely claimed the championship title this series with another outstanding performance and a blow out from his nearest rival Mick Catten.

The section winners were Mel Barnet and Keith Gibson. Round twenty-one is in three weeks after the Easter break at Greenfields. The weather will surely be warmer by then so let’s hope the fishing is good.

Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 07.57.51


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