The Mill Pond 9th October ’22

The long-awaited match at the Mill Pond finally arrived as our previous match at this venue that was scheduled for back in July, was cancelled due to low water levels. All in all, it was a decent match with some reasonably good weights following a cold spell leading up to the match.

Glen Briggs scored his third win of the series with nine carp that went 68-9-0. Glen had two on the method early on and then switched to paste at ten and thirteen meters to pick the others off throughout the day for the match winning catch. Runner up Dave Mustoe got off to a slow start initially but then had four big carp in quick succession and was looking good for the win, but his peg stalled and just a single F1 followed by the end of the match. Alistair Christie took third spot finishing narrowly behind Dave with eight carp on the method from the rushes in peg two.

The section winners were Fred Fairman and Ron Chenery, and thespecimen was won by Dave with a carp of 13-2-0.

Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 13.51.57


Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 13.51.39