Predator Rules

Perch and Pike Rules

  • No live baits
  • No fish to be removed from the venue
  • A suitable sized net and unhooking mat must be carried (and used for bigger fish) at all times. This rule applies to all forms of lure fishing
  • No use of lip grip devices for handling, unhooking, weighing or retaining fish. An instant ban if found using this tool
  • Fish must be handled, weighed and photographed close to the ground (No standing)
  • Adequate long nose unhooking tools must be carried and used. Failure to produce such tools will result in an instant ban
  • Fish must be returned to the water straight away
  • Pike season for dead baiting 1st October to 15th March
  • Static bait fishing rod limit per venue rules. One rod rule when lure fishing.
  • Barbless/semi barbless hooks including trebles. Maximum of 2 trebles per trace
  • Static pike fishing minimum 15lb line – 30lb trace. No braided main line,
  • Lure fishing – minimum 10lb line/braid and a wire trace. The only exception to this rule will be Dropshotting for perch with a Fluorocarbon Leader
  • Members must report any illegal fishing or evidence of illegal fishing to the fishery manager/bailiff immediately. Do not put yourself at risk.

If you have any queries please contact a Fishery Manager before fishing.