Rules & Constitution

DO read the club rules, venue rules and predator rules very carefully before you start to fish the Society waters.
DO check the venue closure dates before going to a venue to make sure it is available, and then check the maps and rules for the venue
Do Remember night fishing is only permitted for those members who purchase the necessary night ticket for that venue.
DO REMOVE ALL LITTER from your swim before leaving and take it home for disposal.
DO NOT on any pretext fish beyond the boundaries of the fisheries.

1. The Society shall be known as UXBRIDGE ROVERS ANGLING & CONSERVATION SOCIETY, it’s objects shall be the protection of the sport of angling, and to foster good fellowship and friendly competition among its members.
2. All members shall hold a current Environment Agency Licence. The Society waters will be closed for all forms of fishing for the period 15th March to 15th June inclusive (except where otherwise stated in the individual fishery rules). Any member unable to produce their rod licence, ID card and membership card whilst fishing will be asked to leave the fishery.
3. All members shall be full members, either Senior or Junior. A Junior shall become Senior at the next membership renewal date after his/her 18th birthday .A Junior member cannot become a Senior “ mid season “ but must wait until the next renewal date I.e. the following June . Until he/she becomes a Senior member he/ she will retain Junior Status with the restrictions attached.
4. Any member accused of a breach of the rules of the Society shall be called before the committee to make answer to the charge . The Committees decision will be final You may be asked to not fish the society’s waters until a decision has been made.
5. A member having complaint against another member and desiring such complaint to be brought before the Society shall attempt to ascertain the other member’s membership number and shall send full details to the Secretary. Due notice should be given to all parties concerned of the date, time and place of the hearing of the complaint.
6. The complaint shall be heard by the management or disciplinary committee whichever body may be appointed to hear the complaint. After hearing the complaint the committee shall give its decision on the matter.
7. The committee shall have the right to summon a member to attend before the committee for any breach of these rules or bringing discredit upon the Society. The member shall be deemed summoned before the committee upon the secretary sending due notice by recorded post to the last known address of the member. Should the member fail to attend at the time and place stated upon the said notice without an acceptable reason for non-attendance, the member shall be liable to suspension or expulsion pursuant to these rules.

8. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the 3rd Wednesday in February at the Society Headquarters. An alternative venue may be decided by the management committee, in which case the membership will be advised via the website or email to be published between 31st November and 31st January. If that is not possible the Secretary shall arrange for due notice to be published in the angling press on two separate occasions prior to the meeting.
9. The order of business shall be as follows:-
A. Proposals for alteration to the rules, which shall have been presented to the Secretary in writing no later than the first Wednesday in the November prior to the meeting. No amendments other than provided for in Rule 16. Such proposal shall not be carried unless it receives the vote of a majority of the members in attendance. A proposition when seconded shall be open to discussion and no member shall speak more than once in a debate, except to raise a point of order, or seek information, on which the Chairman shall rule. The proposer shall have the right to reply to the debate immediately before the vote is taken.
B. Minutes of previous A.G.M.
C. Financial report and balance sheet for the year ended December 31st, Auditors report and recommendations.
D. Annual subscriptions, entry fee and Memorial Fund Levy for the coming season.
E. Correspondence.
F. Election of officers; President, Vice President, Chairman*, Vice Chairman*, Hon.-Secretary*, Membership Secretary*, Assistant Secretary (NFA)*, Assistant Secretary (Memorial Fund)*, Assistant Secretary (Venues)*, Assistant Secretary (Entertainment)*, Hon.-Treasurer*, Society Captain*, Newsletter Editor*, Disabled Rep*, Junior Rep*, Fisheries Chairman*, Trustees (2) Auditors (2) and Fisheries Managers.
10. In the event of an officer or committee member resigning or otherwise ceasing to hold office, the vacancy shall be filled at the discretion of the Management Committee.

11. The Management Committee shall comprise of members who will be elected at the A.G.M. The committee shall meet on the 1st Wednesday in each month if there are matters requiring their attention and any two from Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary plus 3 other committee members will form a quorum, with names present recorded. In an emergency, the Secretary in consultation with the Chairman or Vice-Chairman to arrange a meeting giving committee members not less than 3 days notice. The Management Committee will be totally responsible for the management and running of this Society during its year of office.
12. To consider any disciplinary matter under rule 5.
13. To consider any matter not provided for under these rules, or any question of their interpretation.
14. To decide a limit of numbers to be admitted to the Society from time to time. They may nevertheless recommend the admission of a member even if this exceeds the limit agreed.
15. To consider the proposal for change of rules previously notified to the secretary .
16. To co-opt the Trustees if required on matters of financial importance and for members of sub-committees if necessary.
17. To consider the proposed venues for the next season.
18. The committee shall consider any item put forward by a member and reply within 2 months from the date of the next committee meeting. A member may write to the Secretary with any matter that the member wishes the committee to consider. The Secretary will bring the matter to the attention of the committee and advise the member in writing of the committee’s response and any subsequent action it intends to take.

19. The full annual subscription and any other dues shall become payable with the application form. Notice of such items and the amounts, shall be sent to members by the Membership Secretary, and shall be paid to him via Electronic Transfer as shown on the members Website .
35. No member (Except Hon. Life Members) shall be entitled to a membership card etc. until his Subscription is paid. Members not having renewed their Subscription by 15th June shall be liable to forfeit their right to renew membership, and new members will be admitted within the limits laid down by the committee. Annual membership shall be valid for the period 15 June to 15 March.
36. Newly accepted members shall pay the full annual subscription. However the committee shall have the discretion to introduce special offers (reductions) on the subscriptions to promote membership of the Society.

37. Matches shall be arranged as nearly as possible to the second Sunday in each month. Members shall receive a fixture card notifying these dates and any other events.
38. The management committee will nominate two of their number and a representative of the membership to put forward proposals for the next seasons match venues. Based on those proposals the management committee will determine the match venues for the next season. The Venue Secretary will be solely responsible for booking the venues.
39. No Society championship venue can be changed after that venue has been selected and printed on the official venue list unless a change is made under rule 51.
40. All members must book with the Match Secretary to attend the match.
41. Club matches will be fished to the following rules:-
i. Matches are fished on a pegged down basis, competitors will fish from drawn pegs.
ii. Matches are fished all in, except for Zander, Pike and Trout.
iii. The match will start and end with a blast on a whistle.
iv. Parent and Junior, or husband and wife will draw first. Junior or wife will fish to or from the next higher peg to that drawn. Pensioners will draw at the Captains discretion.
v. Keepnets may be put in the water, and the depth plumbed before the start of the match.
vi. No baiting of the swim is allowed before the start of the match.
vii. No raking of the swim is allowed before the start of the match.
viii. One rod only in use, others may be made up, but not baited.
ix. If wading, it must be possible to touch the bank with either hand when in a standing position. This rule may be
amended at the Captain’s discretion if the venue makes it impractical.
x. No bloodworm or jokers are to be used.
xi. No competitor will be weighed in if there is any litter in or around the swim.
xii. Weighing in must be witnessed by a third party.
xiii. Any disputes or infringements, must be reported to the Match Captain at the earliest possible time, but before departure from the venue.
xiv. Floating baits are not allowed on still water venues.
42. Society Captain will be responsible for the running of the matches once the Society members have arrived at the bank side. He will be responsible for the selection of pegs on a permanently pegged fishery and also for pegging on all other fisheries. He will be able to delegate assistance in pegging on any match.
He will listen and take note of any complaint from one member against another and report back to the committee. The committee shall then act as in Rule 7.
43. The scales shall be carried and weighing in conducted at Society Captain’s discretion.
44. The end of pools time for each match will be decided by the committee and matches will start one hour later except when exceptional circumstances apply. Matches shall be fished for seven hours except during the period November to February when they shall be fished for six hours. A fish hooked before the cease fishing time, and still being played after the whistle, shall be eligible to be weighed in. If it is considered necessary to change the cease fishing time, or reduce the length of the match, the Match Captain and at least two committee members shall decide. Members will be advised of the change prior to match start.
45. Points to be awarded on each match, 50 for top Weight, 49 for second etc. If more than 50 members weigh in then points will start at 1 for the lowest weight and scale upwards. In the event of equal weights the aggregate points for the members tying shall be divided between them. The aggregate of points over the season shall decide the points Cup Winner and Runner-up etc.
46. All pools are optional and will pay out as follows:- Overall pools:- 50%, 30%, and 20% to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Specimen pools:- 100% to the outright winner.
Section pools:- Divided equally between the section winners. Paid out to 1st and 2nd in each section. Winners of the overall pool will not be eligible for prizes from the section pool.
47. A prize of £10 will be given to a member who in a Society championship match breaks any existing Society record for the following species:- Roach, Dace, Chub, Bream, Tench, Carp, Rudd, Barbel and Perch.

48. An entrance fee shall be payable by any persons wishing to take part in this competition. Preliminary rounds are to be fished in August and September where any competing member must qualify by weighing in. The competition commences on the October Society match and is to be fished on a knockout basis. The pairing of participants in this competition, is to be conducted by the Match Secretary prior to the start and witnessed by a third party. The highest weight to decide the winner in each pair. If opponents fail to turn up the other must weigh in. Failure to weigh in – either or both parties are eliminated. In event of equal weight, a toss of a coin to decide winners except in final unless agreed by fina lists. All entrance fees to be paid to winner.
49. On all Society match dates where it is ascertained to the satisfaction of the Society committee that the original venue is un-fishable, a new venue will be chosen after normal Society pick-ups have been completed. The new venue to be decided by a vote of members present.
50. In the event of a coach failing to turn up for a match, a decision to be made at Denham roundabout regarding transport consolidation
51. Non-members will be allowed to fish Society matches provided there are vacancies at the closing date. Normal match fees
will be charged, except at the Society’s own waters, in which case the normal Guest Ticket price will apply.

Members must notify the Match Secretary or Secretary not later than the Monday before, if they wish to attend the match.

52. No fish of any species shall be introduced to the Society waters without the consent of the committee, landlord and the Environment Agency. No live bait will be used on the Society waters. No coarse fish may be removed from the Society waters without the consent of the Landlord and the Environment Agency.
53. Night fishing is only allowed for those members purchasing the necessary night ticket for that venue.
54. Excluding Night ticket holders no member is allowed onto the Society’s waters until one hour before sunrise and must leave no later than one hour after sunset.
55. No member shall carry firearms or air guns on any venue .
56. No Member will use any braided line except in use of a lure rod , spod rod ,marker rod or a hooklink .
57. No member may take a dog on to any of the Society waters, except where they are on the fishery for the sole purpose of bailiffing the water and then only if this does not contravene the license for that fishery or by Fishery Managers discretion. This rule does not apply to areas where the general public have a right of access or to members with guide dogs. Any member whose dog is considered by a Bailiff to be a nuisance in anyway will be asked to leave the fishery .
58. Members shall endeavour to prevent fishing or trespassing by non-members or other unauthorised persons, or any damage to Society property. However do not put yourself at risk .
59. Instructions of authorised bailiffs must be respected and the Society’s rules must be adhered to. Ignorance of a rule will not be considered a defence at a disciplinary meeting
60. Juniors aged 12 – 17 must obtain permission from Parents or a Guardian before joining the Society.
61. Juniors under 12 must be accompanied by an adult who holds a full membership.
62. Juniors can only night fish if accompanied by a Parent or Guardian who holds a full membership and a night ticket for that venue .
63. Members and guests vehicles must only be parked in the prescribed parking areas. Any vehicle found to be parked in an out of bounds area will render the owner liable to a disciplinary meeting with the committee .
64. Senior members shall be permitted to take one guest on to private Society waters. Guests may not fish unless/until accompanied by a senior member. The member must obtain a day ticket from the tackle shops listed on the club website If the guest ticket cannot be produced, then the guest and the member will be asked to leave the water. Guest tickets are not available for night fishing on any venue . The price of guest tickets shall be fixed at each A.G.M.
65. Fly fishing is not permitted on Society waters at any time.
66. The individual fishery rules define how many rods may be used on each fishery.
67. On one Saturday night during the period 15th June to 15th March an all night match called the club Gala Match may take place on one of the Society’s waters. This item to be considered annually by vote at subsequent AGMs. Special rules will apply and will be announced/displayed at the draw.
68. The following restrictions apply to all Society waters: –
i. Only barbless hooks may be used
ii. Barbel will not be retained in keepnets except in a bona-fide match when they shall be weighed and returned immediately.
iii. Members shall fish from designated pegs only.

69. Members can share their fish pictures publicly, however, Uxbridge Rovers Angling & Conservation Society and the venue from where the fish was caught must not be named
70. Please ensure that backgrounds do not give away the venue the fish was caught at.
71. If you are associated with a bait company, commercial angling company or blog and would like to publicize pictures, videos and stories of the societies fish or venues, permission from the fishery manager AND committee must be approved beforehand. In addition, before any filming takes place.
72. Use of drones is not permitted on any of our venues without permission of the fishery manager, committee & land owner . Permission must be granted by all three .