Greenfields 24th Apr ’22

Greenfields fishery near Wokingham was the venue for our latest club championship match. The venue consists of three small lakes that are all connected and contain mainly small carp and smallish roach with a sprinkling of bream and barbel.

The match was won by Ryan Fairclough who weighed 33-12-0 for a comfortable victory. Whilst he caught over 20lbs of carp, he also weighed in 10lbs of roach and considering how small most of them are, he did extremely well to catch double figures of them. Second place went to the ever-consistent Mike Smith who has had a top five finish in the last ten club matches – outstanding form by Mike. Mike was struggling for most of the match, but his persistence paid off yet again and was rewarded with some late dobbed carp. Third was Alistair Christie who in his first full season back to match fishing following a long break is doing extremely well, especially considering that he’d never fished a commercial before his return and has adapted to this type of venue quickly.

The section winners were Jon Colman and Mick Catten and the specimen was won by Ryan with a barbel of 1-9-0. Our next match is at Chaley Farm and the following week is our final match of the series at the very popular Watmore Farm.  

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 16.10.54


Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 16.10.05