Milton Pools 28th Nov ’21

Round thirteen of the championship was held on two lakes at Milton Pools – Len’s and Campbells, and with seven anglers on each lake the draw was going to be critical. As it turned out, the top seven weights all came from Campbells which in reality meant that those who drew on Len’s didn’t have much hope of winning in the first place.

Mike Smith finished top on Campbells with 47-9-0, a very good weight taking into consideration the freezing conditions on the day. Mike had most of his weight fishing maggot on the pole at 16m to the pads and down the edge to a small clump of pads to his left. An excellent performance by Mike to score his first win of the series.

The next four places were separated by just a couple of pounds in this close battle with James Fletcher taking the runner up spot putting 33-7-0 on the scales and Dave Mustoe was third with a level 33lbs. The section winners were Glen Briggs on Campbells and Keith Gibson on Len’s. Keith also won the specimen with an 8-4-0 carp caught in the opening minutes of the match. Man of the Match goes to Frank Bursnall who fished maggot on the pole down the edge all day for an excellent 31-2-0.

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 11.09.52


Frank Bursnall

Total weight 257lbs 130zslbs 10ozs
14 fished
Average per angler 18lbs 1oz

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 11.10.41