Pondwood 24th July ’22

This match was scheduled for the AEC’s Mill Pond fishery, but due to low water levels it was unfortunately cancelled, and so for the second week in a row, we had to look for a replacement venue. Once again Pondwood came to the rescue but this time the pegging would be tight with only one peg in the match length left out. This had a definite impact on the weights, and Alistair Christie needed just 30lbs to win the match.

Alistair drew fancied peg thirteen which was also an end peg and caught carp across on maggots and then later down the edge. Glen Briggs was second with a mixed catch of small carp and Ide, and third was Dave Mustoe who caught mainly Ide plus a few small barbel down the middle. Alistair made it a nice double by winning the specimen with a carp of 7-11-0, and the section winners were Clive Bunday and James Fletcher.

Our next match is in three weeks’ time at Goldsworth Park. Let’s hope we get some rain before then. 

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 09.24.24


Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 09.21.34