Knightscote Pond

Knightscote Pond

General description

Knightscote pond is Uxbridge Rover’s little gem. Just down the road from the famous Harefield tackle nestles Harefield’s best kept secret. This ancient pond is absolutely stuffed with small fish and is a must for our junior members. Many boys and girls have enjoyed catching their first fish from this idyllic and peaceful venue. Increasingly, the banks are also being graced by our senior members who are also enjoying non stop float action! With lilies, small weed beds and great margins finding fish catching areas is very simple.

The fish are stunning for there size and are packing on the weight year after year. Crucians, Rudd and Tench are the main stay with the odd carp to keep you on your toes.

If you have a few hours spare on the way home from work and need to unwind or if you fancy introducing children to the sport then this is the venue for you.

Opening Dates: 1st April – 31st December
Night Tickets: N/A

Known Species

Venue Type
Old stock pond

0.5 acres

1-5 ft

8 Swims
Lily pads, reeds, bull rushes

There is a small car park over a cattle grid. You can also park in the lay-by just outside. Please do not park on the wide pavement on the opposite side of the road.

Knightscote Pond