Golf Course Lakes

Golf Course Lakes

General description

Nestled in the heart of the Colne valley lie one of its best kept secrets. The golf course lakes are set in a conservation area steeped in history. Members have a choice of 2 lakes of varying difficulty set in idyllic peaceful surroundings with a wide variety of wildlife for you to enjoy.

Booking system

The Golf Course Lakes operate on a strict booking system. All members are required to text on the day of going Рtheir name, car registration, duration of their session and which lake they intend to fish to 07557 273537 between the hours of 6am Р10pm.  This will allow members to go fishing, or just a walk round at short notice.

Joe Bloggs
Day session
South Lake

Any member failing to text the booking line before entering the site will be asked to leave and will be reported to the committee.

The South Lake

Approximately 3.5 acres in size, this beautiful little lake contains around 125 second generation Leney carp that currently average around 17 to 22lb with a handful going somewhat bigger. With the weight gain these fish have shown since being stocked we predict that there will be a large head of 30lb carp present in the next few years. There is also a good head of tench along side pike, eels, and perch. Multiple captures of specimen size tench are not uncommon during the warmer months.

The North lake

At around 4.5 acres this picturesque lake is somewhat of a throwback to a bygone era, low stock gin clear water full of natural food make this a very tricky little venue, but there are large rewards for those that are willing to put in the time and effort. There is currently an estimated stock of around 35 classic old English carp, though there are plans to increase this number to around 50 fish over the next few seasons. There is also a good head of pike present providing good sport during the colder months. There is still a handful of specimen size tench present but these have proven to be more elusive than the carp.

Known Species


North Lake: 6 acres
South Lake: 4 acres
Narrow Pond: 2 acres

North Lake: 4-12ft
South Lake: 4-8ft
Narrow Pond: 2-4ft

North Lake: 12
South Lake: 10
Reeds, snags, islands, lillys

Parking & Access:

Turn off of Harvil road into skip/gravel works. Keep right and follow track alongside train tracks. Keep going past the concrete/aggregate works until you reach the gates manned by HS2 security who will let you through our gate.
Nearest postcode: UB10 8AW

Once through HS2 gate, we have two car parks on the left hand side of the track – One at the top end of North Lake, and one at the bottom end of the North lake (closer to South). Please park at a 45 degree angle to maximise parking spaces.

Golf Course Specific Rules

  1. All members must book on before entering the site.
  2. All members must park sensibly to allow maximum amount of cars.
  3. All members must have fully dried your nets/mats/weigh slings if you have come from another water.
  4. Day anglers(members) can fish from dawn to dusk on the South lake and from 7am to 7pm on the North lake.
  5. All members must consider where others are fishing when walking round the lake and casting.
  6. South lake:
    • 2 rods only from 1st April to 31st October
    • 3 rods 1st November to 31st March
  7. North lake 3 rods all year round.
  8. Members are not to cut any reeds or tree branches.
  9. All members must report all lost tackle to one of the Bailiff team.