Batchworth Lake

Batchworth Lake

Rickmansworth Aquadrome – Frogmoor Ln, Rickmansworth WD3 1NB

General description

Batchworth Lake is a park lake set in the far north of the Colne Valley at the Rickmansworth Aquadrome.

Originally dug as a gravel pit to supply gravel for the old Wembley stadium it is now set in a nature reserve. The lake is around 16 acres in size and is fed from a sluice gate from the adjacent River Colne. There are some great features to be found around the lake including gravel bars and plateaus, two main islands, some great snags and a buoy line that forms a slalom course for the water skiers. *It is important to note you must never fish over the buoy line*

Uxbridge Rovers share the water with Rickmansworth Water Ski Club who operate every Wednesday and at weekends, and more frequently during busy/warmer periods of the year.  Back-leads will be required to fish some swims when the boat is operating.

Batchworth really is a specimen water, something for everyone, whether you’re targeting one of the larger original carp, a double figure tench, bream, specimen silvers or even one of the big predators…it has them all.

Our dedicated team of bailiffs have brought things back up to date with some long overdue and much needed improvements undertaken with some great swims being rebuilt and decades of fallen trees/snags removed.

The team does its best to ensure Batchworth is a safe and clean environment for members to fish and we have a great group of regular anglers.

Fishery Manager: Jack Warren

Bailiffs: Jack Warren, Scott Brown

Known Species

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Eel
  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench

Venue Type
Park Lake forming part of a Local Nature Reserve

16 acres

6 ft

35 Swims
2 islands


There is plenty of free parking including disabled bays on site in the Aquadrome car park.
Car Park Opening Times:
1 May – 30 September – 8am to 9.30pm
1 October – 30 April – 8am to 6pm






Opening Dates: 1st January – 31st December
3 rod maximum

IMPORTANT Anyone found to be breaking these rules will be suspended immediately from the club until they have
attended a disciplinary meeting with the clubs committee to decide on a suitable outcome.

Club rules apply – ensure you know them before fishing-

Predator rules apply

The Aquadrome gate opening hours from 1st May until 30th September 8am – 9.30pm. From 1st October –
30th April 8am – 6pm. Gates will be locked promptly. Anglers do not have access to keys.

Anglers should park in the Aquadrome car park or surrounding streets depending on parking restrictions.
Cars/motorcycles/quads must NEVER be driven around the lakes pathways. The same applies to your
visitors. You are responsible for your visitors.

Day fishing times are permitted to one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset.

Night fishing allowed only to those anglers aged 18 and over who purchase the necessary night ticket .

A single bucket can be left in a swim to reserve it for a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes. This is to allow anglers
time to fetch their tackle from their car, NOT to continue walking the lake. Any issues contact the Bailiff

Before fishing please take the time to politely talk to any members fishing near where you plan on fishing to
discuss where they are. A little common sense goes a long way here. Any problems contact a bailiff or the
fishery manager. Bailiffs decision is final
Regular rig checks will take place .

All anglers should carry a LARGE padded unhooking Mat or Cradle , a Carp Care Kit and a minimum
of 42” landing when targeting Carp and we encourage anglers to treat any minor injuries. Any more
serious injuries should be reported to either the fishery manager or Bailiff team BEFORE returning
the fish!

ALL fish deaths should be reported to the Fishery manager or Bailiff team straightaway.

NO BBQ’S BBQ Trays or Fires! No exceptions! This rule applies to any visitors to the aquadrome and is
enforced by the council.

Please keep radios and tablets on a low volume.

The use of bait boats is not permitted.

The use of Drones is not permitted.

The use of Boats is strictly not permitted.

Wading is not permitted. The margins drop off very quickly in places. Safety first.

No access is permitted to the island.

No fishing over the ski boat buoy cables! The buoys are connected under the water by cables. These cables
run the length of the lake and are dangerous for fish safety.

No fishing from the Ski Boat Jetty.

MINIMUM of 12lb mainline when Carp fishing. No Braided main line , only hook links , spods or markers

NO fixed lead setups, All leads MUST pass freely! safety first, all rigs/setups must be safe. Regular checks
WILL be carried out.

All fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible following capture.

The use of sacks to retain fish is strictly prohibited.

Floating retention slings only to be used for a very short period of no longer than twenty minutes to rest the
fish and allow you to prep your weighing scales and camera. Anyone found to be breaking this rule with
captive fish longer than twenty minutes without the fishery managers permission will be suspended
immediately from the club. If its caught at night, then photograph and return it at night, NO slings till the
morning please.

No rods to be left unattended at any time.

When snag fishing PLEASE use common sense! Fish locked up and be ready to react quickly.

Alcohol only to be consumed in moderate amounts. Please try to be discreet, the Aquadrome is a family
venue. Anyone deemed to be in an unfit state to fish will be asked to leave the venue.

No bankside vegetation or trees should be cut; no swims should be modified without the permission of the
fishery manager or Bailiff team.

Please see the club rules for details of rules in regard to publishing photos and videos of the fish OR venue.
We do operate a strict publicity ban! Permission MUST be obtained from the fishery manager and
Committee before anything is published.