At just under ten acres, Batchworth is a naturally spring fed lake topped up by the adjacent River Colne. The Carp, and Tench have reached specimen proportions as have the Perch and Eels. Pike are in abundance, and although these generally are around the “low doubles” mark, there are undoubtedly a few huge specimens which are rarely caught.

Recent works to the fishery have now produced a comfortable and clean fishing environment. The Carp over 30 lbs are numerous, and with a lake record Common at just over 40 lbs, Batchworth now has a reputation as a premier Colne Valley Carp Mecca.

Bait boats are not permitted and the maximum rod limit has been reduced to 3.

Opening Dates: 1st January – 31st December
Night Tickets: 80



Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Frogmoor Lane, Rickmansworth, WD3 1NB


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Under no circumstances should fish be REMOVED from waters or MOVED between waters. If anyone is found to have removed or moved fish then they will be banned from the club.

The Bailiffs

Fishery Manager – Tyron Came

Head Bailiff – Dan Squire

Bailiff – Mark Williams

Bailiff – Al West

Bailiff – Mark Thomas

Venue Type

Park Lake forming part of a Local Nature Reserve


20 acres


6 ft


35 Swims
2 islands with further floating fish sanctuaries planned


Via Frogmoor Lane


Extensive free parking available in the main Aquadrome Complex

Fish Stocks

Common and Mirror Carp to 40 lbs, Tench to 10 lbs, Bream to 17 lbs, Perch, Pike, Chub, Eels
The fish stocks will be further enhanced with the introduction of silver fish sanctuaries.

Additional Wildlife

Woodpeckers, Kingfishers, Tree Creepers, Nuthatch , Grey Heron, Hobby, Grass Snake , Muntjack Deer, Bats

Popular Methods of Fishing

Carp angling tactics, spinning for predators or stalking the margins.


Target the islands at close range for the Tench, good success can be achieved by walking the lake prior to fishing and locating an area where the Carp are showing. A bed of dead maggots and sweetcorn will entice the Bream.