Batchworth Lake

4th August 2019

A respectable turn out of twenty anglers arrived at our very own Batchworth Lake for round three of the championship series on Sunday, and with recent reports of some decent catches of tench and big shoals of rudd feeding, they were hoping for a good match. Unfortunately, apart from a lucky few who were on pockets of feeding fish, it turned out to be a real grueller, with over half of the field catching less than a pound in weight. Bob Lane took the honours with two excellent bream, including one of 7-14-0, and a few perch. Bob caught using the method feeder and switched between wafter and maggot hookbaits for a total of 16-6-0. He also lost two big carp as well, one which got in a snag and the other frustratingly at the net after a long ten-minute battle. Second place went to Ron Chenery on the next peg with 12-1-0 of rudd caught on the pole. Doug Read finished third with 6-12-0. Section winners were match captain Fred Fairman, Graham Fox and Mike Smith, Fred also won the specimen with a perch of 1-2-0, areal bonus fish to boost his weight on the day. It was a little disappointing that the venue fished so hard for most, some considered that maybe we had fished it a little too early and maybe September would’ve been better, but who knows? Round four is at the same location but this time on the river, which apparently has been fishing well…

1 – Bob Lane – 16-6-0
2 – Ron Chenery – 12-10-0
3 – Doug Read – 6-12-0

Fred Fairman – Perch – 1-2-0

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