Troy Lake is a wonderfully tranquil venue. The water is shared with Rickmansworth Sailing Club, and anglers can enjoy a relaxing day watching Merlin Rockets racing against Wayfarers, or see the Dragon boat team practising across the water.

Fishing here can be hard in the extreme, but the quality of the Carp, Tench and massive Bream (Over 20 lbs recorded in 2006), ensures that very high profile anglers visit the water. Carp over 43 lbs have been landed, along with legendary huge specimen Tench. Pike and Perch are present along with some massive Eels targeted by a dedicated group of Eel anglers. Silver fish stocks are not easy to locate as Cormorant predation has taken its toll, but on occasion, the observant angler can witness huge Rudd shoals moving along the water edge.

The lake is 45 acres with several swims allowing parking by the water. We are restricted to fishing from one area, however it is hoped that further discussions with the landowner will provide access to further locations.

Opening Dates: All Year
Night Tickets: Unlimited



Troy Lake, West Hyde, Rickmansworth, WD3 9YB


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Under no circumstances should fish be REMOVED from waters or MOVED between waters.
If anyone is found to have removed or moved fish then they will be banned from the club.

Venue Type

Gravel Pit


45 acres


12 ft


15 Swims
Several gravel bars, which can be easily located with a short spell of feature finding.


The lake is located in the direction of Rickmansworth to Denham on the A412. Look out (On the left) for signs to Rickmansworth Sailing Club/Troy Wharf (Which is on the Old Uxbridge Road).
Follow the road round to the right and turn left as if entering the marble and granite works, follow the unmade track past the main granite works entrance, and around to Troy Lake.

The lake can then be accessed via 2 locked gates.


There are 2 main parking areas. The first location is by the Dragon Boat, the second is through the locked barrier gate and continue on to the gravel area beyond the bridge to the sailing club.

Fish Stocks

Carp, Bream, Tench, Pike

Additional Wildlife

Troy has a wide variety of water birds, Pochards, Shoveller Duck, Heron, White Egret etc. The trees in Spring and Summer are alive with Goldfinches, Blackcaps and Long Tailed Tits

Popular Methods of Fishing

Generally conventional carp tactics are the way forward, however, on occasion, the Tench can be encouraged to the nearside vegetation with a prebaiting strategy, and can then be caught with a float under your rod tip.


Observation and fish spotting coupled with a good mental image of the lake bed is essential.