Perry Fairclough is Knockout Champion 2018/2019

Perry Fairclough ran out a comfortable winner of the Knockout Cup on Sunday, more than doubling the weight of runner up Mick Catten Jnr. This three-way tie which included Mike Smith was always going to be about the draw and to be fair, Perry had what definitely looked to be the best draw of the three, as he’d drawn one of the island corner pegs, whilst Michael and Mike had both drawn open water with no obvious carp-holding feature to fish to. Full credit to Perry though, as he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and took his chance splendidly, catching carp on a maggot feeder fished tight to the island and then later, on maggot down the edge to the reeds on his right. He also lost several big fish off that short line but did land a fantastic 3-4-0 perch which is the biggest caught in a club match this season. Perry completed the treble by also framing in the match with 20-7-0 to round off an excellent day for him. Runner up Mick Catten Jnr worked hard all day catching mainly roach and a couple of nice bonus perch, but only managed to put 9-10-0 on the scales. Michael drew next to the peg where he lost in the Knockout final two years ago, not a good draw…, there was some consolation for him though as he did manage to win his section. Finally, although Mike Smith only put 1-0-0 on the scales, his day was not without incident. Firstly, Mike accidentally hooked a carp before the start of the match whilst he was plumbing up his swim, the carp was most likely to have been foul hooked as it eventually came off, and then during the match lost a further two good carp which would have given his weight a serious boost, but realistically probably not enough to have beaten Perry. Well done to all three finalists for getting there, and in the case if Michael, several very close battles along the way.