An idyllic stretch of the River Colne, approx 0.9 of a mile long with a weir approx 0.5 of a mile down the Stretch.

The top section of the river runs from Iver Lane to the weir pool has some lovely deep sections which are perfect for trotting maggots with plenty of Roach, nice size Dace, Perch and small chub to be caught.

It is also perfect for just sitting back to unwind with a feeder rod and a big lump of luncheon meat waiting for one of those specimen sized Barbel or Chub. It even has the odd big bream and the nomadic carp to be caught.

The bottom section has plenty of fast moving gravel sections, over hanging trees and streamer weed, ideal for trotting a piece of bread flake on the surface for the chub which call it home. There’s also plenty of big perch and pike for those who love to fish for the predators. You will also find an abundance of wildlife including Kingfishers and wild rabbits which inhabit the banks of the river, so there is no better place to spend those long beautiful summer evenings relaxing.

It’s definitely worth wetting a line on this all round lovely section of river Colne ….


Iver Lane, Iver, SL0 9LH


Opening Dates: 16th June – 14th March


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Under no circumstances should fish be REMOVED from waters or MOVED between waters. If anyone is found to have removed or moved fish then they will be banned from the club.

The Bailiffs

20993884_10211835215209468_5339571839768752312_nFishery Manager – Dan Squire

Venue Type



0.9 mile


3-7 ft


25 Swims
1 Weirpool, gravel runs and deeper glides


Via Iver Lane or Packet Boat Lane


Parking available at Iver Lane lay-by and parking available by Little Britain lake via Packet Boat Lane

Fish Stocks

Barbel, Chub, Roach, Bream, Carp, Pike and Perch all in good numbers with the odd and rare trout.

Additional Wildlife

Wild Rabbits roam around Huntsmoor farm along with Grass Snakes Muntjac deer as well as a diverse bird life including Kingfishers.

Popular Methods of Fishing

Popular Fishing methods include trotting a stick float, ledger fishing also free lining. Lure and drop shotting for Perch and Pike.


Fish will respond to well presented hookbait over big beds of bait and also a stalking approach with just a couple of freebies will also bring good success..