With two sections to choose from, the gravels and upstream of the golf club, anglers can find total seclusion or fish in a more social location. The upstream section is currently overgrown and unmanaged, this was due to the pennywort infestation, but with this alien invasive species now being controlled by the EA, work will start soon to re-established the fishing platforms.This area is a veritable paradise with nothing to spoil the serenity apart from the occasional screech from a White Egret or the drumming of a woodpecker.

The central gravels allow for all types of coarse angling, whether that be rolling a lump of luncheon meat into the barbel’s lair, or running a delicately presented stick float through the stream. The fishing here has resulted in “personal bests” for many anglers.

Opening Dates: 16th June – 14th March



Denham Court Drive, Denham, Buckinghamshire, UB9 5PG



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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Under no circumstances should fish be REMOVED from waters or MOVED between waters.If anyone is found to have removed or moved fish then they will be banned from the club.

Venue Type



2 miles


2-7 ft


60 Swims
A very diverse stretch of River with long deep glides dropping to fast flowing gravel shallows. The central section contains a weirpool where the river diverges into the River Frays which can also be fished.


Denham Court Drive (Enter the grounds of Buckinghamshire Golf Club)


Private Anglers Car Park in the grounds of the Buckinghamshire Golf Club.

Fish Stocks

The River is now nationally recognised for it’s specimen Chub and Barbel, but there is a good head of Roach and Perch along with Dace, Eels, Pike and River Carp.

Additional Wildlife

Forming part of a local nature reserve, this stretch of river is home to grass snakes, badgers, muntjacks, rabbits and weasels. The bird life is diverse and includes tree creepers, nuthatches, tawny owls, long tailed tits etc There is also a great opportunity to see a Kingfisher land on your rod. With numerous species of bat, regular guided bat walks take place along the river bank.

Popular Methods of Fishing

Stickfloat, freelined rolling meat, static hair rigged bait over a bed of feed. Spinning or drop shotting for Predators.


During spells of bright sunlight, it is essential to locate the swims providing cover for the fish, the wonderfully clear water ensures that the fish will avoid your terminal tackle unless it is fine and well presented. Rolling meat works well, and used in conjunction with a roving approach will see the specimens falling for your bait.