Golf Course Update

This weekend and next week some minor work will be carried out on both lakes. It is likely to be the Saturday afternoon and next Thursday evening. I hope to not inconvenience anyone fishing however these are the only times I can get down with tools.

Some margin work will be done around peg 10 on the North Lake and also snag removal on 2 swims on the South.

Recently, someone took it upon them selves to remove some bankside vegetation from a swim and mad a complete mess of it. Embarrassing really! If caught carrying out such work there is only one outcome. It is an important rule within our lease that bank side vegetation is only removed with the permission of the fishery manager. Some of our members are great at giving me or our secretary Graham a call. Please do the same if you are having issues.

On the plus side the fish are being caught regulary and the lakes are looking as beautiful as ever. The new locks are also on.

Hopefully, I will have more infomation by the end of the week in regards to gate opening hours. Please bare with me.

David (fishery manager)

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