Golf Course Lakes Access

Today we received information that access through the gravel works, skip lane will be restricted outside of the hours of 6am – 6pm. The main gates will locked shut due to security issues. In an emergency security will let you out but not in.

This is still to be confirmed to us officially whoever please adhere to this information until further notice. There is still access from Uxbridge Golf Course car park but please remember cars can go no further than the car park.

We are looking to see what can be done to improve access over the next week so bare with us.

Finally the main lock gate will change to the new code some point this weekend. The smaller lock gates next week.


  1. Robert Wilson

    Hi i am a new member. How do i go about getting codes for gates etc. And is there a map off all waters we can fish. I want to fish somewhere close to my van if possible. I quite like the sailing lake up denham way.

    1. Ashley Wright

      Hi Robert,

      You will find the codes on your membership that you should have printed out.

      For information on all waters and a maps etc, head to the venues section of the website.



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