Watmore Farm

Bob Lane’s single minded approach paid off handsomely on the day as he went on to record his first win of the series

11th February 2018

Bob Lane stormed to victory in round fifteen of the championship series with a runaway win in a difficult match at a windswept Watmore Farm on Sunday. Carp were the key to success but following a bitterly cold spell, they were shoaled up tightly and generally not in feeding mode, so it was always going to be a gamble to fish for them or the more reliable resident roach instead. Bob drew a peg that had some recent carp form and with that in mind he went for them from the off, a call that proved decisive on the day. Fishing a method feeder with bread hook bait at 40 yards, and then later switching to a straight bomb, he took a steady run of nine carp throughout the day for a total of 49-8-0, well ahead of second placed angler Glen Briggs who had 12-6-0 off the next peg which consisted of roach and one late carp. Third was Dave Mustoe who also went all out for the carp, his gamble paid off with an 11-4-0 fish that also won the specimen on the day. Section winners were Bill Parker who also had a late carp, Bobby Parker who had one carp, and Doug Read who did well to amass 8-7-0 of roach in the extremely difficult conditions. This was the club’s first ever match at Watmore Farm and the general consensus is that it’s a very nice well run venue that we’d like to return to in the future, but to hopefully book it during the slightly milder months.

Runner up Glen Briggs hedged his bets and managed to find a late carp that gave his weight the boost it needed to score well on the day Third placed angler Dave Mustoe. Statistic: Dave has come third, and also won the specimen in the last two matches Doug Read’s 8-7-0 of roach was possibly the performance of the day, especially considering he wasted two hours fishing the feeder

1 – Bob Lane – 49-8-0
2 – Glen Briggs – 12-6-0
3 – Dave Mustoe – 11-4-0

Dave Mustoe – Carp – 11-4-0

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