Improvement Works – Advance Notice

Great news for our Club…

Martin Lydon, river bailiff for Denham, has been battling hard for the rivers through his page ‘Save the Colne Valley’.

Along with Rob Pearsons’ hard-work before he left his post as EA fishery officer, Denham River is now benefiting from a major face lift over the next few weeks. Improvements to the gravel section including a habitat to encourage fish spawning and fry refuge.

Martin will need a hand this week (31st Jan & 1st Feb) if anyone can spare a few hours getting aspects of the river ready for the EA contractors. Next week the gravels section of the river will therefore be closed to angling.


  1. Larsen Rivers

    Hi Ashley

    I would have turned up to help but did not know about until now, as I don’t check the web all the time and I am not on Facebook, and would have loved to know about the progress as I helped out on the penny wort removal a while back. I noticed someone was able to send an email out regarding parking at the golf course lakes, if work parties could be emailed out in the same manor now that a mailing list has been established it would make life so much easier. I do try to check the web page but don’t always do it, so an email alert is by far the best way, and then no one can say I didn’t.

    Kind regards

    Larsen Rivers

    1. Ashley Wright

      Hi Larsen,

      Thanks for your recommendation. This is something we will look to do in the future.

      Once I’m given a date and the go ahead to send out the information by the water management I will send out an email.

      I know there is likely to be a work party on the Colne at Ricky next month.



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