Wood Lane

Graham Fox with one of his match winning carp. Graham had to be quick to get these big lads away from their snaggy lair

14th January 2018

A delighted Graham Fox scored his first match win with Uxbridge Rovers at a tricky Wood Lane fishery on Sunday. After drawing the snag pit that is peg one, he fished sixteen metres to the tree and managed to tempt seven hard fighting carp for a total of 55-12-8 from their lair. He lured the beasts by potting in micros and maggots and fishing maggots on the hook, and had to hold his nerve as he hustled the carp away from the snags quickly after hooking them, hoping that his gear would handle the severe pressure it was under. As an added bonus, he also won the specimen on the day with a fish of 14-2-0 which is now the biggest fish of the season caught so far. A superb performance by Graham who now goes to the top of the league table in what is turning out to be an excellent debut season with the club. Second place went to Mike Smith who drew an island corner peg on the causeway bank and fished the long pole to the reeds to land 51-10-0 and third place went to Dave Cook who did well to bag six carp for 46-5-8. Section winners were Glen Briggs, Fred Fairman and Selene Lowe. The club returns to Wood Lane in two weeks’ time for the second round of the Knockout Cup and the next instalment in the Club Championship. It’s going to be very interesting…

1 – Graham Fox – 55-12-8
2 – Mike Smith – 51-10-0
3 – Dave Cook – 46-5-8

Graham Fox – Carp – 14-2-0

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