***Urgent News*** Golf Course Parking

Please do not park down the bottom of the Golf Course until further notice. This applies to night ticket holders as well.

Saturday two cars were stuck and another Sunday. Too many cars down there means there is no hard surfaced turning circle. In addition, the grass areas have been carved up. You can still drive down to pick equipment up however you will need to walk or barrow it down from the Golf Course car park. If anyone is caught with their cars down there unattended then myself and the bailiff team will be reporting you to the committee for a disciplinary meeting. This is non negotiable. We could lose car parking altogether.

The gravel works entrance is our prefered parking. Please walk the track to see how firm the ground is to the first carpark. I’d advise for you to park just outside the gates for the next month or two. Do not park in front of the gates.

Please be careful down there. I will not be able to drag you out and the RAC etc will refuse to help you I’m sure. The club will look to get hardstanding down on the track and car parks asap.

For further information you can call David Kent on 07814719225.

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