Match winner Declan Kelly with his 6-7-0 carp that won him the specimen and a nice little bonus on the run up to Christmas

17th December 2017

A superb turnout of twenty-five anglers arrived at Pondwood in harsh winter conditions for round twelve of the championship only to find it covered from bank to bank with thick ice. The start of the match was delayed by one hour for ice breaking and tremendous camaraderie was demonstrated by those who loaned their ice breakers to their neighbours and in many cases offered to, and did, clear the ice on their behalf. Thank you to all of those involved who can be proud of themselves for doing so. Once again, this excellent fishery did not disappoint and despite all the noise and commotion of the ice breaking, almost miraculously, we were into fish immediately after the starting whistle and the venue gave up some very respectable weights considering the conditions. Top weight on the day went to Declan Kelly who fished a superb match. By feeding sparingly with maggots and switching between a maggot and bread hook bait, Declan managed to record an excellent 21-14-0 of mainly small carp plus a bonus 6-7-0 fish that also won him the specimen on the day. The next two places went to Team Fairclough with Ryan second and Perry third. Section winners were James Fletcher, Fred Fairman and Dave Mustoe, and although not all weighed in, everyone caught fish and there were no dry nets. With twelve rounds of the championship completed, and seven more to go, the league table will now start to take shape as the anglers who have fished fewer matches start to put more points on the board and move up the table, whilst those who have fished all the matches will start to drop their lowest scores in a bid to improve on their current positions. Game on!

1 – Declan Kelly – 21-14-0
2 – Ryan Fairclough – 13-0-0
3 – Perry Fairclough – 11-8-0

Declan Kelly – Carp – 6-7-0

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