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Match Captain Fred Fairman had a runaway victory and has also recorded the highest match weight of the series so far

5th November 2017
Match Captain Fred Fairman stormed to victory in the tenth round of the championship series at Milton Pools on Sunday with an emphatic win that saw him finish nearly 46lbs clear of his nearest rival. Due to the numbers of anglers booked, the match was fished on two lakes, with fifteen anglers on Len’s and seven on Kidney. Fred found himself pegged in the recently excavated section at the top end of Len’s and at first glance he was not particularly happy with his draw (that’s putting it mildly…) but that changed very quicly as he caught right from the start of the match. Fred fished a small hybrid feeder tight to the reeds to take a steady stream of carp of up to 7-1-0 which gave him the clear win plus the specimen on the day and a nice little pick up of £137. Second place went to Dave Mustoe who fished a maggot feeder to the pads in Len’s and third was Doug Read who had the best weight from Kidney of 27-12-0. Section winners were Simon Pavey with 17-12-0 from Kidney, John Colman 22-9-0 and Keith Gibson 17-5-4 both from Len’s. John Colman continues to lead the league table with Graham Fox firmly ensconsed in second place and a three way tie for third between Mike Smith, Frank Bursnall and Bill Parker. It’s getting very interesting.

1 – Fred Fairman – 76-0-0
2 – Dave Mustoe – 30-1-0
3 – Doug Read – 27-12-0

Fred Fairman – Carp – 7-10-0

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