Tidal Thames

Glen Briggs made it two wins in two championship series matches in a row on the Tidal Thames on Sunday

29th October 2017
The prolific Tidal Thames was the venue for round nine of the championship series on Sunday. The match turned out to be a very interesting affair with reports going back and forth between the upstream and downstream sections of only a few skimmers and a few eels being caught for most of the day. But, as the match moved into the latter stages and the sun started going down, some of the venues bigger residents decided to feed and those who managed to connect with some of them had a real boost to their weights. Glen Briggs won his second match in a row from a favoured area at the downstream end with a respectable 33-4-0 which included skimmers and a few late bigger bream of up to 8-6-0, all caught using feeder tactics. Second place went to Wayne Casserly who put in an excellent performance and capitalised on his draw in the upstream section to record 28-6-0, again made up of skimmers and a few bigger slabs on the feeder. Mr consistent Graham Fox finished third for the fourth match in a row with 23-9-0 which included a magnificent 1-13-0 roach. This venue has produced the best roach of the season for the past two years and it looks like it will be three now. I wonder how long before a 2lber is caught here….

1 – Glen Briggs – 33-4-0
2 – Wayne Casserly – 28-6-0
3 – Graham Fox – 23-9-0

Mike Smith – Bream – 8-7-0

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