Dear members,

We currently have oxygen and/or algae concerns on several of our lakes. Many of the lakes up and down the Colne Valley are also suffering with similar issues.

Knighscote, the Golf Course lakes and Billet are of a current concern. If you have time to walk these venues over the next few days we would really appreciate it. Look for signs of any fish distress. Small fish pimpling for air, dead fry, larger fish congregating in certain areas are all signs that something could be wrong.

Please contact the fishery managers asap. Frank Marriner – Billet; David Kent – Knightscote; Mark T & David Kent – Golf Course Lakes.


  1. Graham raven

    I am currently at golf course south . There are no indications of any fish in distress , the carp are actively feeding in the margins

  2. Graham Raven

    Tuesday . Walk around both golf course lakes today . North lake crystal clear good fish showing on the surface nothing in distress. South lake has coloured a bit over the last couple of days , nothing ominous yet . Plenty of fish feeding well around the margins as usual . No signs on south lake of any distressed fish . Today’s rain and strong breeze all day on both lakes should help any oxygen issues .

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