Billet Lane

Bill Parker with his 11-14-0 carp which won him the match at a very difficult Billet Lane

23rd July 2017

Bill Parker used his considerable knowledge and experience of this venue to win the second round of the series at a very difficult Billet Lane on Sunday. Bill, who has won five of the last six matches at Billet, needed only three fish which included an 11-14-0 carp to win this low weight match and caught all three on the pole fishing over to the island. He also lost an estimated 20lber at the net just before the whistle blew. Second place went to Keith Gibson who had a carp and a bream plus a few bits for 11-10-8 and third was Glen Briggs with 10-6-0. Three new members were fishing the match and we welcome them to the group: Graham Fox weighed in 1-8-0 of maily small roach caught shallow mostly on the pole, John Ryan did brilliantly to win his section with 2-3-0 and Mike Smith’s daughter Seline did well to weigh in 1-6-0 on such a difficult day. We hope that the difficult fishing on this occasion will not put them off and deter them from coming again. A mention and thank you to baliff Frank Mariner who worked hard to  present the fishery in pristine condition for the match, its just a shame that it didn’t fish better on the day.

1 – Bill Parker – 11-15-0
2 – Keith Gibson – 11-10-8
3 – Glen Briggs – 10-6-0

Keith Gibson – Bream – 4-5-8

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