URACS Kayak Fishing


Uxbridge Rovers have become the first club in the country to have kayak fishing on one of their waters.

Several URACS members are active kayak anglers having weekly sessions on the clubs stretches of the River Thames and following extensive negotiations they took part in an exploratory session on one of the clubs larger lakes last week to see if there was potential for further days in the future.

3Six anglers braved freezing conditions in search of pike and it didn’t take them long to find them. Mark Radcliffe stated that it was some of the most prolific pike fishing sessions he has ever experienced with four anglers catching thirty fish in less than three hours. Mark himself had 14 pike with the best fish going 13lb 7oz, others of 13lb 2oz, 12lb 10oz and many 9 and 10 pounders comprising the massive haul. Then at 12 noon the fish just switched off, with only one more being caught during the day.

Whilst kayak fishing is only suitable for some of the very large lakes in the Colne Valley, it just goes to show how this style of fishing can unlock the full potential of a water and its great that URACS is once again at the forefront of expanding our sport. It is thought that there may be three or four specific days a year where this water will be opened up to the clubs kayak anglers so if any members want to be involved in future sessions they should contact Mark Radcliffe directly to be kept informed.



  1. Stephen Allison

    I am thinking about joining uracs I am a lure angler in the main. However every now and then it’s nice to have a change to fish for carp etc. My norm is on the kayak in and around weirs.
    I saw this article and as a kayak lure angler really really keen to understand more about the options I’d have if I joined up.
    Is there somebody I can have a chat with?

    1. Ashley Wright

      Hi Stephen,

      The kayaking event which took place was a one off. Apart from the Thames, we don’t offer any kayak fishing on any of our waters I’m afraid.



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