Covid Update

Following the Angling Trust’s guidance we are pleased to announce we will be reopening the following waters as of today (8th January):

  • Batchworth
  • Billet Lane
  • Rickmansworth Colne
  • Denham Colne
  • Huntsmoor

There will be NO NIGHT FISHING until further notice. Fishing is from DAWN – DUSK. Please use common sense when these times are as the days lengthen.

As per government guidelines you must STAY LOCAL. Again, use common sense and stay within your town/district. Anyone caught breaching these travel restrictions are individually liable and the club will not defend them if prosecuted.

There is to be NO SOCIALS and NO MATCHES.

Maintain your distance from our teams and be respectful of their requests. This is a strange time to be part of a fishing club so we must all have patience and stay within the law.

If you are showing any symptoms or have been in contact with someone with Covid. STAY AT HOME.
Anyone caught breaching the above will face disciplinary action and may have their membership revoked.

Please keep an eye out for updates on the Golf Course lakes (these are council dependant).

Thanks for your patience, stay safe, and tight lines.


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