Royal Berkshire

8th March 2020

In the early part of this winter match, the weather was quite bright and fairly mild. Then we had some very heavy and windy showers which made the fishing much more difficult. The venue has recently had some big stockings of F1’s which generally feed well during the winter and there are some good carp also in many swims. Simon Pavey had a comfortable win, catching mostly F1’s on the pole with worm and maggot, followed by a very close second and third of Mike Smith with 21-15-0 and Jon Colman with 21-9-0. Both Mike and Jon caught on the pole fished very close in. The specimen was won by Dave cook with a carp of 9-0-0 which was his only fish of the day, but he did also unfortunately lose another good-sized carp. This is certainly a worthwhile winter venue due to the F1’s and it will probably be even better when we get used to catching these sometimes-tricky fish. Our next match is on the back lake at Wood Lane where will all be fishing for their bigger carp cousins.

1 – Simon Pavey – 30-11-0
2 – Mike Smith – 21-15-0
3 – Jon Colman – 21-9-0

Dave Cook – Carp – 9-0-0

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