Milton Pools

23rd February 2020

On a very windy day at Milton Pools, the fishing made up for the weather, with nearly 400lbs of fish caught between the thirteen anglers who braved the elements on Len’s and Campbells lakes. It was brilliant fishing, made special by the number of 1lb perch caught, big roach, crucians, bream and carp, plus barbel that have just recently been stocked. Mike Smith won the day on Campbell’s lake with 65-8-0, a catch which included the specimen carp on the day which went 6-4-0. Second was Mick Catten Jnr with a mixed bag of 43-14-0 caught on pole and feeder tactics from Len’s lake. Third was Keith Gibson who caught 40-12-0 using pole tactics on Campbell’s. The section winners were Declan Kelly and Fred Fairman who both weighed in over 30lbs each. There were two perch of 2lbs caught on Len’s by Frank Bursnall and Dave Mustoe which are now recorded on the series specimen list, and a surprise barbel of  2-6-0 by Roy Cadden which is also now recorded on the list. All in all, it was a great day out apart from the wind and the traffic hold ups on the way home.

1 – Mike Smith – 65-8-0 11 30
2 – Mick Catten Jnr – 43-14-0
3 – Keith Gibson – 40-12-0

Mike Smith – Carp – 6-4-0

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