Fish of the month competition rules

Due to some confusion, the club have put together some rules for the fish of the month competition.

  1. You or your child must be a current member of Uxbridge rovers to enter the competition. Junior memberships are only £1. No membership = no entry = no £20 prize.
  2. You can enter any fish species as long as it’s caught from a current club water.
  3. Your entry must be caught in the current month, for example only fish caught during October can be entered into October’s competition.
  4. Your catch must be weighed to enter. No weight = no entry. Please ensure your scales are correctly zeroed and your entry does not include the weight of your sling.
  5. A photo of you (safely) HOLDING the fish IS required for entry. No net or Matt shots will be considered.
  6. All entrants for the competition MUST be submitted to the club for entry. This can be done three ways. By visiting the URACS Facebook page and adding it to the fish of the month post, by emailing it to me at OR you can send it via WhatsApp. Tyron’s number can be found on your membership.
  7. All submissions must be made no later than midday of the first day of the following month. For example October entries must be submitted by midday on 1st November. If it’s not submitted you won’t be entered.
  8. When making your submission please give as much detail to us as possible about your capture, date, time, venue, method, weight etc. The competition is not simply a biggest fish wins affair, and we love to hear a good story behind your capture. It may be a new pb? Or juniors first fish!
  9. The winner will be decided by the way of a vote by URACS committee members. The committee’s decision is final. This will take place on the first Wednesday of the month at the monthly committee meeting. An announcement will be made shortly after. The winner will then be presented with a £20 Harefield tackle voucher and a rather swanky form certificate.
  10. By entering the competition you agree to the club using your/your child’s/junior members photo on its website and social media. If you do not consent to the use of your/your child’s/junior members photo please do not submit the entry to us. to make sure everyone’s clear going forward how it will operate as there have been a few members unsure on certain things.

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