22nd September 2019

An out of form river Thames at Runnymede was the venue for the latest round of the championship series and the combination of the river being crystal clear and the lack of flow meant this was always going to be a difficult match. On top of that, the rain and gusty winds made things extra tricky at such a deep venue, with anglers having to deal with pole rigs of up to eighteen feet in the challenging conditions. Glen Briggs made it two wins in a row with just 10-9-0 at this low turnout event. Glen fished a dead maggot hookbait over hemp and caster laced groundbait and soil to tempt eighty small roach and a few small perch and dace. In second place was Graham Fox with 9-2-0 of small skimmers and roach caught on various hookbaits over groundbait and soil, and third was Simon Pavey with 7-14-0 using similar tactics. Section winners were Simon and Perry Fairclough and Graham won the specimen with a bonus perch of 1-1-0. There was a dangerous incident when the large pleasure ferry came at speed, so close to where Perry was fishing that the boat actually snagged his keepnet (which was attached to his seatbox) and nearly dragged the lot in, including Perry. He lost his keepnet with twenty fish in it, his side tray and his feeder arm was badly damaged. In my opinion, the conduct of the driver was reckless in the extreme and should be reported. If Perry hadn’t have quickly got off his box, he’d have gone in, and in twelve feet of water I shudder to think what may have happened…

1 – Glen Briggs – 10-9-0 2
2 – Graham Fox – 9-2-0 7
3 – Simon Pavey – 7-14-0 11

Graham Fox – Perch – 1-1-0

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