Goldsworth Park

1st September 2019

Bream specialist Declan Kelly won the fifth round of the championship series in style at Goldsworth Park on Sunday with a respectable 42-6-0 from this interesting but sometimes tricky venue. Declan’s often aggressive feeding style paid dividends in this match. He filled it in on the feeder line from the off, and when the bream turned up, he managed to keep them there for longer than anyone else, enabling him to plunder them with his open end feeder and worm hookbait approach. A simple but effective tactic that earned him his first win of the series and a nice little pools pick up. The runner up spot went to match captain Fred Fairman with 32-9-0. Fred sat biteless for ages, but when the bream finally turned up, he made the most of a golden spell before the bream eventually moved on, leaving Fred biteless once again until the end of the match. Keith Gibson took third spot with 25-3-0, and fourth place went to Roy Cadden who was close behind with 24-14-0.

Section winners were Roy Cadden, Graham Fox, and Ryan Fairclough. Fred won the specimen with a nice bream of 5-5-0. Glen Briggs caught a large terrapin that took a liking to his hookbait. Needless to say, he took great care in unhooking it, with a disgorger. Special thanks to Roger at Goldsworth Park who reserved the pegs for us and helped to set up the match.

1 – Declan Kelly – 42-6-0
2 – Fred Fairman – 32-9-0
3 – Keith Gibson – 25-3-0

Fred Fairman – Bream – 5-5-0

For the full match results click here.

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  1. Dom

    Nice work Declan with the win targeting the bream. With a worm hook bait, what else was on the winning menu? Also I’m interested to know what you fed in the feeder.

    GWP Lake can be a very difficult venue sometimes.

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