River Colne Rickmansworth

18th August 2019

The Colne at Rickmansworth had good flow and colour and looked in excellent condition for round four of the championship series, and, although it wasn’t a spectacular match, there were bites to be had for everyone. Doug Read won the match with 13-7-0, a catch which included a bream of 5-13-0 which he caught on single maggot and bomb tactics, and also a lovely 5-9-0 chub which fell to triple maggot and crumb feeder. Second spot went to Keith Gibson who had a mixed bag of 10-8-0 on the stick float from the downstream disabled peg, and third was Gary Bloomfield with 6-9-0 with another mixed catch taken on the stick. Section winners were Perry Fairclough, Ryan Fairclough and Frank Bursnall. Ryan also won the specimen with a nice perch of 1-5-0.

1 – Doug Read – 13-7-0
2 – Keith Gibson – 10-8-0
3 – Gary Bloomfield – 6-9-0

Ryan Fairclough – Perch – 1-5-0

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