Mill Pond

14th July 2019

The beautiful Mill Pond at Greenford was the venue for round two of the championship, and with every peg but one in, it was going to be interesting to see how this new venue for the Rovers would respond to the pressure. Graham Fox got off to a great start with a carp first cast on the method feeder but had to wait another hour for the tip to go round again for his next fish. A switch to the pole produced another couple of carp and then finally a change to the bomb, back out over the method line, sealed the deal for Graham who put a respectable 52-11-0 on the scales. In second place was Keith Gibson, who after an early carp, sat biteless until mid – match, when he had a run of fish on the method from his roadside bank peg. Bob Lane took third place with a catch of carp caught by fishing to the island with a method feeder. Section winners were Perry and Ryan Fairclough. Jon Colman won the specimen with a carp of 12-3-0, and also worth a mention is a 1-9-0 perch caught by Declan Kelly. The match started well, with a fair number of carp getting caught in the first hour, but they soon backed off and were reluctant to come into the margins later on as they’re not used to being under so much angler pressure. But, all in all, it was a very enjoyable match at a superbly run fishery. The fish at this venue are super fit and in mint condition. We return to The Mill Pond for round twelve of the series in November.

1 – Graham Fox – 52-11-0
2 – Keith Gibson – 45-1-0
3 – Bob Lane – 40-0-0

Jon Colman – Carp – 12-3-0

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