Watmore Farm

7th April 2019

The penultimate round of the club championship at Watmore Farm turned out to be a disappointing match with generally low weights and a few blanks as well. A few of the lads were practising there in the week and reporting back 100lb bags of carp caught on the waggler up in the water so expectations were high, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Match captain Fred Fairman took the honours with just four carp, two on the slow sinking bubble, and two on the method feeder. The runner up spot went to Declan Kelly who had just three carp which he caught on a hybrid feeder. Fair play to Declan, as he did his research and discovered he had a sunken island/gravel bar in his peg and caught all his fish there. Man of the match has to be third placed angler Simon Pavey who decided to go all out for the roach from the start and finished with a wonderful 20lbs+ of redfins. Simon fished a tidy match catching the often-tricky roach shallow on the pole. No disrespect to the lads who fished for the carp, but give me the choice between 20lbs of roach, or three or four carp for the same weight and I’ll take the roach all day long (just my personal opinion). In reality, if the carp had fed, Simon would have been obliterated, but this time it worked out for him. Mike Smith won the specimen and his section and the other section winners were James Fletcher and Stuart Pollmer.

1 – Fred Fairman – 21-13-0
2 – Declan Kelly – 20-15-0
3 – Simon Pavey – 20-9-0

Mike Smith – Carp – 12-0-0

For the full match results click here.

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