Wood Lane

24th March 2019

Wood Lane regular Bob Lane used his extensive knowledge of the fishery to good effect to win round eighteen of the championship series on an out of form back lake on Sunday. Bob, who drew peg five on the corner of the island, scored his first win of the series by dobbing bread at fourteen and a half metres and caught carp for a total of 26-3-0, a very low winning weight for this previously often prolific venue. Fred Fairman, another regular at Wood Lane took the runner up spot from another island corner peg. Fred loose fed 4ml pellets and fished a banded 6ml to finish with 23-10-0, not very far behind Bob. Third place went to Perry Fairclough who was also on an island corner peg. Perry caught carp plus a superb 3-4-0 perch which is the biggest of the season so far. Section winners were Glen Briggs, Dave Mustoe and Mick Catten Jnr and the specimen was won by Richard Day with a 14-3-8 carp caught on a 6ml expander. This match was a little disappointing really, as in the past we have had some great matches at this venue. We all know that the venue’s corner’s and island pegs are usually the ones you’d like to draw, but a lot more carp used to show in the open water.

1 – Bob Lane – 26-3-0
2 – Fred Fairman – 23-10-0
3 – Perry Fairclough – 20-7-0

Richard Day – Carp – 14-3-8

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