Royal Berkshire

17th March 2019

Just a few ounces separated the top three anglers in this closely fought match at the Royal Berkshire Fishery. It was Mike Smith who came out on top with a winning weight of 38-15-8 which was made up of mainly F1’s caught by switching between pole and feeder tactics from his end peg on lake two. In fact, lake two produced four out of the top five weights on the day and it was Jon Colman who was also pegged there who took the runner up spot. Jon caught mainly F1’s, fishing two pole lines, one at five metres where he fed micros and fished an expander hook bait, the other a maggot line down the edge. It was the edge line that produced the bulk of his fish, including an eight pound carp caught in the last few minutes of the match. Glen Briggs finished in third place, catching mainly F1’s at sixteen metres to the island on lake three, and some at eight metres fishing maggot over micros, he also had a bonus 7-9-0 carp off his sixteen metre line. Section winners were Simon Pavey, Graham Fox and Perry Fairclough, and the specimen was won by Dave Cook with a 12-0-0 carp. Dave got off to a flying start, hooking the carp in the opening minutes of the match which put up a spirited fight and took a good while to land. All in all, this was a decent match with plenty of bites to be had, with the tenth placed angler Roy Cadden weighing in over twenty pounds.

1 – Mike Smith – 38-15-8
2 – Jon Colman – 38-2-8
3 – Glen Briggs – 38-2-0

Dave Cook – Carp – 12-0-0

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