Wood Lane

20th January 2019

Wood Lane specialist Dave Mustoe scored his first win of the current series at a patchy Wood Lane fishery on Sunday. Dave drew peg one in the corner and opened up dobbing bread on the pole at sixteen metres, an approach that yielded eight carp in the first ninety minutes before the bites eventually dried up. At this point it was clear that the rest of the field were fishing for second place but Dave ruthlessly pressed home his advantage by switching to a maggot feeder in the open water to take another couple of carp, and then later he moved back on to the dobbing line to finish the job with another carp to end up with with a very nice total of 108-8-8. Richard Day took the runner up spot with a very respectable 60-13-0 of carp taken on bread fished the pole at sixteen metres from his corner peg and third place went to Ron Chenery who caught four carp using bomb and bread tactics. Section winners were Mike Smith, Perry Fairclough and Stuart Pollmer and the specimen was won by Jon Colman with a lovely perch of 1-7-0. In general this was a very difficult match and although there were some very good weights, many of the field struggled but at least there were only a couple of blanks. A special mention for Mike Smith who gets my vote for man of the match for his three carp taken on the pole from what many would consider a dead end no hope peg. Mike won the last match here from a similar peg and certainly seems to be on to something.

1 – Dave Mustoe – 108-8-0
2 – Richard Day – 60-13-0
3 – Ron Chenery – 31-9-0

Jon Colman – Perch – 1-7-0

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