Pondwood Snake

16th December 2018

Twenty one anglers turned out for round twelve of the championship series at the recently reconfigured Pondwood Snake. Upon arrival at the venue there had been a hard frost and the colour had dropped out of the water, there was even some ice on parts of the lake, and, taking into consideration the cold easterly wind and rain the day before, this was always going to be a difficult match. Selene Lowe and Keith Gibson were joint winners on the day weighing in just 10-5-0 each. There were similarities in the make up of their catches too, in that they both had one decent sized carp each which were supplemented by some smaller fish. Keith caught his bigger carp early on in the match fishing towards the far bank whilst Selene caught hers with fifteen minutes to go down the edge. I believe that Selene makes Uxbridge Rovers club history in becoming the first female angler to win a Rovers club championship match. Glen Briggs found a group of small tench that were willing to feed and later added a few small carp to his catch to take third spot and the section winners were Bob Lane, Perry Fairclough and Selene Lowe. Ron Chenery won the specimen with a carp of 6-6-4. Incidentally, Keith Gibson believes his carp was bigger than Ron’s but for some reason did not have it weighed separately, and Mick Catten Jnr lost an even bigger match winning carp at the net.

1 Selene Lowe 10-5-0
2 Keith Gibson 10-5-0
3 Glen Briggs 9-11-8

Ron Chenery Carp 6-6-4

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