Troy Lake Update

Following our Committee meeting this week I thought I would update you all with regard to our plan for Troy Lake.
We have agreed with the sailing club that we will not pay any rent for five years and that the money will be spent on restocking the lake. After that five year Period we will be given a minimum 10 year lease which secures our water for the next 15 years minimum.
The restocking commences this winter( hopefully before Xmas )with initially :
1. 14,000 x Fish mix of roach, Rudd, Bream and perch
2. 60lbs of 3-6 lb Bream
3. 15 x 10lb-15lb carp
It is our intention to bring this fishery back on line asap, but we must be careful how we do it. I think it is important that Troy is rebuilt as a mixed fishery capable of producing specimens of every species as it has through its 60 year history and not just a carp lake.
The committe has worked hard in negotiating with the sailing club, EA and our supplier to make this happen. We are working to bring in a stock of reasonable sized Tench at a future stocking, but these are hugely expensive to buy especially in the numbers we would need for a 45 acre lake!
Fishing on the lake is still pretty much off limits, so please bare with us, however once we have begun restocking we will be doing limited, experimental fishing on the lake, this can be arranged through Tony Smith the fishery Manager. Please do not fish the lake with out Tony’s say so, this could cause major problems with the sailing club and jeopardise our future.
The river is open as normal and is fishing well for small pike and perch to lures.
The next bit we have addressed is the matter of Troy night ticket holders.
Those anglers holding Troy Night Tickets are given the chance to use that night permit on one other lake that has vacancies for the remainder of this season only. At the moment those waters are Batchworth and Golf Course South only.
When Troy Lake comes back on line for night permits in future, those anglers currently holding night permits will be first in the queue. If you are a Troy night ticket holder and want to do do this, please speak to the relevant fishery manager only, that is either Tyron Came (Batchworth) or Graham Raven (Golf Course)
Thanks for your continued patience and hopefully see some of you on the banks!

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