28th October 2018

The twenty-two anglers that turned up at the recently reconfigured Pondwood snake lake to contest round nine of the championship were delighted with the new venue, as this turned out to be an exciting close run match with plenty of bites for everyone.

Graham Fox took the honours winning the match with a lovely bag of mixed sized carp taken using long pole tactics to the far bank. Starting cautiously, as he was unsure how this relatively new venue would respond to the first really cold spell of the year, his opening gambit was to dob bread along the reeds and to prime another line with a tiny amount of micro’s to move onto later. This proved to be a tactic that worked excellently, as the dobbed bread brought an instant response and in no time at all, he had put eight carp in the net. With the carp obviously in feeding mode, Graham fed the pellet line more positively and caught instantly when he dropped onto it, and so went on to record his first win of the series.

Runner up Stuart Polmer also found dobbing bread to be an excellent tactic as he too caught using it along the far bank reeds, and like Graham, found that it seemed to sort out a better stamp of fish. Glen Briggs took third spot, and the section winners were Stuart Polmer (by default), Declan Kelly and Bobby Parker. The management at Pondwood certainly seem to be on a winning formula with this fishery and I’m sure this will be a regular on our fixture list in the future.

1 – Graham Fox – 55-12-0
2 – Stuart Polmer – 53-10-0
3 – Glen Briggs – 50-12-0

Frank Bursnall – Carp – 7-7-0

For the full match results click here.

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