Strand on the Green

14th October 2018

Recent bad form at this venue plus a bad weather forecast meant that a low attendance of just fourteen anglers turned up to contest round eight of the championship at Strand on the Green. Glen Briggs won the match with only 1-14-0, a catch that consisted of just two roach and a tiny skimmer. Frank Bursnall took second place with 1-4-0 and also won the specimen on the day with a twelve ounce skimmer. Three anglers – Ron Chenery, Bill Parker and Graham Fox all tied for third spot with 0-10-0 each and the section winners by default were Roy Cadden, Frank Bursnall and Glen Briggs. After the match we retired to the match HQ (The Bulls Head) for a post-match pint and discussed what has gone wrong with this prolific fishery. At the start of the river season, some of our lads were catching 100lbs bags of bream here but since then the fishing has deteriorated steadily, with the weights in our three matches here getting worse each time. Some think it could be linked to the numerous sightings of seals in the area, others think it could be due to pollution or mitten crabs or the serious lack of rain throughout the summer. The truth is that none of us really know for  sure, and are just guessing and can only hope that the fishing here recovers to its former glory soon. It has done before following a devastating pollution and I’m sure it will again in time, it’s just a matter of how long.

1 – Glen Briggs – 1-14-0
2 – Frank Bursnall – 1-4-0
3 – Graham Fox – 0-10-0

Frank Bursnall – Bream – 0-12-0

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