Troy Lake Update

Several weeks ago Troy suffered a massive overnight oxygen crash due to blue/green algae dieback.

The club deployed oxygen pumps for the first week to try to create an oxygen rich refuge as advised by the EA. Sadly the oxygen crash has resulted in a catastrophic fish kill which the EA believe has wiped out a majority, if not all of the fish stocks. From the bodies so far recovered we are aware of the deaths of most of the original carp stock, tench , bream , literally hundreds if not thousands of small pike , thousands of small perch and around 50 previously unknown small catfish.

We have decided on a plan for the future which I have to discuss with the sailing club ( owners of the lake ) on the 15th of this month. That plan is a comprehensive plan for restocking to secure the future of Troy for Uxbridge Rovers. We will never know the full extent of the fish kill as the size (45 acres) prevents any worthwhile electro netting. We can only hope that some of the original stocks have survived but it is unlikely at this time.

We have been working with the Fishery manager, Bailiff, other Bailiffs, some members and the sailing club to remove the bodies, and I would like to thank those guys who pitched up to help us in that first week and beyond. We are working on a solution for night ticket holders.

On a personal note it has been heartbreaking to see a fishery that I have fished for over 42 years devastated like this and I will work hard on the Sailing club officials to bring it back online for us as soon as possible. I will update further when I have had the meeting with the sailing club. 

Graham Raven, Club Secretary


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