Hillingdon’s Family Fishing Fun Days



Hillingdon Council have their first Fun Day this Sunday. It’s a great day and the club has always supported the many children that attend the day. This year though we are a bit thin on the ground. Marc Crockford and his loyal band on merry men and women will be there but please if you could spare the day the club and Hillingdon Council will very much appreciate your time and effort. Please contact Marc or Lyn Summers if you can help but please commit if you can. The club has an excellent relationship with the Council and it is vital that we show our support for this great event.

Further info about the day below.

Uxbridge Rovers

Hillingdon’s Family Fishing Fun Days are being held on the 30th July and 13th August between 09:30 and 15:30.

For those of you that don’t know, these are FREE fun events at Little Britain Lake offering people of all ages an opportunity to have a go at the sport we all love.

All equipment and bait is supplied but what we desperately need is as many volunteer anglers as we can get to man the allocated swims around the lake and along the Colne … obviously, the more swims open, the more people will get to have a go at fishing.

There is no teaching or coaching involved..all that’s needed is a bit of guidance on how to hold the whips provided, helping the squeamish with the maggot side of things and hopefully assisting with landing a catch or two!

To say thank you, we’ll treat you to Breakfast and Lunch as well as copious amounts of tea and coffee.

If you think you can help at one or both of the fun days please comment on this post and let me know.

Many thanks in advance


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